Sculpture trail

Last year’s inaugural Adelaide Hills International Sculpture Symposium was a huge success and was widely embraced by the community.
The region is still reaping its benefits as the resulting sculptures are installed around the Hills.
Sixteen sculptures that will be created at two more events over the next four years will add to the eight existing pieces of art.
The news that $400,000 of funding has been secured to create a tourist trail linking the artworks will add value to the already popular sculptures.
The money will fund the infrastructure needed to create the trail that will weave throughout the Hills and down into the Fleurieu Peninsula.
However, funds still need to be raised to commission the additional sculptures.
The trail will be another tool to help make the Hills and Fleurieu districts a destination for visitors, encouraging them to spend a day touring the regions and hopefully enticing them to explore outside the standard tourist attractions.
It will also help link the separate communities and potentially increase the economic benefit to the district.
While public art is not always going to please everyone, the existing sculptures have generally received endorsements from most in the Hills.
Hopefully the community continues to rally around this exciting endeavor so generations to come can reap the rewards.

Asbestos exposure

The exposure to asbestos experienced by some staff and students at the Littlehampton Primary School in 2009 has been handled with professionalism by those in authority.
The one-off exposure has been assessed to be of “low” risk and appropriate measures were taken as soon as the matter came to the attention of staff.
The wellbeing of the students and their parents appears to be at the forefront of the school’s focus and the State Government Minister has sought assurances that such errors cannot happen again.
It would appear little more can be done.
There does not appear to be hysterics coming from those affected – rather a calm acceptance of the situation and, as next week’s information session will no doubt show, a desire to become informed rather than enraged.
For that the school community is to be congratulated.
Linking a one-off, low risk exposure to asbestos with something like mesothelioma is akin to fearing lung cancer from smoking a single cigarette.