Speedy remedy

The last time The Courier raised the issue of the crossroad at Riverview, Pfeiffer and Nairne roads at Inverbrackie the newspaper received a letter objecting to any money being spent on the intersection.

Motorists were crashing because they were disobeying “obvious” stop signs, the letter said, making the accidents a “people problem” rather than a “road problem”.

The letter writer was right.

It is a people problem – even the CFS find the constant spate of crashes “bizarre” – but that is cold comfort to those injured in the 18 serious accidents at the intersection since 1995.

For whatever reason too many motorists are driving straight through that intersection and something needs to be done to protect the innocent from the stupidity or the distraction of some.

It appears that the Adelaide Hills Council, which is responsible for Riverview and Pfeiffer roads, has come to the same conclusion and might not wait for the State Government to come to the party with a joint plan for its part on Nairne Road.

This is good news that might bring about a speedy remedy for a pressing civic problem.

Election called

The Federal election has been scheduled for September 7 and there has been an almost audible sigh of relief from the community.

Ever since the Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a September 14 election date in late January there has been much speculation in political circles about whether calling the date seven months early was a wise move.

Some suggested it was madness while others thought it was a master stroke to allow the focus to be on policy rather than the date.

All that is pure speculation. What it did do was hamper small business.

Most small business owners agree that whenever an election is called people rein in their spending and await the outcome.

Thankfully Kevin Rudd did not extend the date when he took over the leadership and the nation can now go to the polls in what must be one of the most eagerly anticipated elections in years.

There are many who wish to send a strong message to Labor and many who can’t believe Tony Abbott is almost a sure thing to be PM.

Let us hope that in the weeks until polling day the Parties concentrate on delivering policies in a clear and concise manner aimed at intelligent people rather than retreating into that all too familiar territory of three word slogans for drongos.