Employment hub

Many commuting Hills dwellers would love to work closer to home.
Unfortunately with a population set to grow by the thousands and a lack of open office space around Mt Barker – this is difficult to achieve.
The proposal by developer Adelin Pty Ltd to create an employment hub on the outskirts of Mt Barker could be a significant opportunity to create the jobs that are needed to keep more residents working locally.
The land currently set aside for employment purposes by the State Government as part of the 2010 rezoning is near Wistow and any development at the site is unlikely to take place for many years.
Adelin’s proposal to build an employment park housing office, commercial, service industry and light industry at Totness fits in well with the area’s existing facilities.
The site is also centrally located between major towns and is close to the Mt Barker town centre.
However, it is close to the freeway and the town’s entrance, which will make the park highly visible.
A great deal of work will need to be done to screen the development in order to retain the region’s semi-rural atmosphere and to ensure the first impression of Mt Barker is not one of an industrial site.

Vote of thanks

The Hills has always had cause to be thankful for its CFS volunteers but last week’s heatwave only highlighted our debt of gratitude.
When a storm passed through last Tuesday afternoon, January 14, dozens of lightning strike fires were reported in this region and our brigades quickly responded.
We were extremely fortunate that all fires were put out.
Then crews turned their attention to the escaped fire at Rockleigh and arrived with their trucks to give their neighbors a hand.
And that’s what it was like for the rest of the week.
With the danger ever present in our own district, the brigades sent what they could to help communities burning at Delamere, Eden Valley, the Riverland and Ceduna.
All this for no remuneration beyond the satisfaction of helping others.
But not only should our volunteers be applauded – thanks should also go to those supporting our firefighters, including their families and their employers who gave up their claims on their time.
It is at times of great need that we realise how much we need to work together.