In the fast lane

The statistics from the latest speed camera operation in the region are alarming, although not surprising.
The operation, undertaken between December 14 and March 31, showed 3% of car drivers detected were exceeding the speed limit as were almost 9% of motorcycle riders.
The latter figure is concerning.
The overwhelming majority of Saturday morning riders who stream up into the Hills from the city do not do so to admire the scenery … they do it to get their thrills.
The attractiveness of the Hills for bike riders is obvious. Hundreds of kilometres of twisting roads with relatively few other vehicles makes this region a Mecca for motorbike riders.
And, as many riders will tell you, it is not dangerous to exceed an 80km/h speed limit on most roads in the region.
The trouble is, it is the law.
Nobody would argue that it is only a fool who would ride at 160km/h in an 80km/h zone, as happened last weekend.
But not all bike riders are idiots.
There are more fools on our roads in cars. And not only do they speed – they eat, drink, text, talk on the phone, smoke, put on makeup, clean their teeth …

Long weekend

With the Easter break looming and another long weekend for Anzac Day the week after, many Hills dwellers are heading away for a short holiday.
But while some may be leaving the district, many more will be heading into the Hills to enjoy the many events and attractions the region has to offer.
Just looking through the pages of this week’s Courier reveals some of the vibrancy of the area.
More than 80,000 people are expected to head to Oakbank for the historic picnic racing carnival held over Saturday and Monday.
Hundreds are also expected at The Cedars in Hahndorf to see some of the world’s best sculptors chiselling away at the Adelaide Hills International Sculpture Symposium.
Meadows will also be buzzing with its popular Easter fair, Hahndorf’s Main Street will be packed and many visitors will be enjoying the Amy Gillett Bikeway, the wildlife parks, the walking trails and our wineries, restaurants and cafes.
With the leaves on our signature deciduous trees now turning, this is one of best times of year to enjoy the beauty of this special part of SA.
Consider spending your time and money locally this Easter … it’s a sound investment in all our futures.

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