Political lies

It’s a cheap line that you can tell when a politician is lying because his or her lips are moving.
Sadly the quip is gaining so much currency in recent times that it’s not cheap any more – it carries plenty of weight.
And more fuel was added to the “all politicians are liars” fire last week with the announcement that the Federal Government would cut more than $250m from the ABC over the next five years after Liberal leader Tony Abbott clearly promised not to cut the organisation’s funding on the eve of last year’s election.
This is the same man who, along with senior members of his team, quite rightly pursued former PM Julia Gillard relentlessly after her statement “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” statement.
Like Mr Abbott’s ABC moment on election eve, Ms Gillard clearly said one thing during an election campaign and did exactly the opposite.
It was an obvious lie that was never admitted.
Both Mr Abbott and Ms Gillard deserve our scorn.
To see the recent trail of experienced Liberal politicians who once dropped the “Ju-liar” tag at every opportunity during Ms Gillard’s tenure suddenly stumbling and fumbling in pathetic attempts to deny Mr Abbott misled the electorate is, well, pathetic.
Their futile charade only enhances the untrustworthiness of all politicians in people’s minds.
The whole exercise descends into a word game between politicians and journalists and the verbal gymnastics performed by the elected representatives proves they view the public as stupid for thinking that “no cuts” or “no carbon tax” meant exactly that.
If voters were at the forefront of their minds, these highly intelligent politicians (with some notable exceptions) would speak clearly and concisely to spare us the desperate gibberish.
But they can’t and we must suffer their inglorious squirming because they are trying to argue that black is white.
There is no reason why the ABC should be spared Federal funding cuts if other departments are being asked to find efficiencies – but that is not the issue.
The issue is political dishonesty.
There’s plenty of it about at the moment and that is what really needs a cut.