Speed blitz

The annual summer blitz on speeding road users in the Hills has begun.
The need for hidden cameras to curb the racetrack mentality of some road users – particularly motorcycle riders – is obvious with three riders killed in as many weeks on Hills roads.
Some of the twisting roads from the city into the Hills such as Gorge Road are a magnet for riders.
They seem perfect for a weekend ride.
They are uphill, winding, usually have light traffic loads and offer a few minutes of freedom to motorbike riders looking for a bit of excitement.
Unfortunately they are also public places.
Roads are not racetracks, however ideal they might seem for a quick Sunday morning ride to Lobethal for a cup of coffee.
And herein lies the dilemma.
An 80km/h speed limit on such roads is perfectly adequate for most car drivers but an experienced motorbike rider would safely ride parts of the same road at 110km/h, perhaps more.
But the problem is that inexperienced riders get into trouble when testing their limits while experienced riders can come to grief due to unexpected circumstances such as oil spills, rock falls or other traffic.
The bottom line is the roads are not racetracks and the speed limits are set for all users.
Three families have had to deal with the grief of burying a loved one prematurely in the past three weeks.
That  heartache experienced by those left behind when a young life is cut short because of reckless behavior, is unimaginable.
The solace gained from “they died doing what they loved” surely cannot compare to the love, joy and happiness such lives would have brought to countless others had they not been killed unnecessarily.
And let’s not forget the poor CFS and ambulance volunteers as well as innocent road users who are first on the scene at these all too regular accidents.
These ordinary people have to experience the horror of the screams, the shattered limbs and shattered lives.
Cradling a dying man in your arms is something which stays with you forever.
Suddenly the Sunday morning ride isn’t fun anymore.
No, using Hills roads as racetracks is simply not acceptable.
The shocking statistics for motorbike riders on Hills roads are all too real.