Club in the rough

Mt Barker-Hahndorf Golf Club president Greg Simon says there is no problem with the financial state of his organisation, but his denial is in stark contrast to the view of some members who believe the club could be insolvent within a matter of months.
Former treasurer Steven Carroll told The Courier the club had lost up to $150,000 in the past 12 months due to a rise in administration costs and a drop in memberships.
His resignation over what he says was a lack of action by the committee to tackle the problem, has led the Mt Barker Council to take over the reporting of its finances.
No matter where the truth lies, it is a bad look for the club.
The fact remains the club has also been unable to reduce a mortgage of $484,000, despite receiving funds and members when it merged with the former Hahndorf Golf Club in 2007.
A careful look over the club’s books by the council is the logical step but running a complex enterprise such as a golf club is not its core responsibility.
A number of other councils run golf clubs, but it’s better for both members and the wider rate-paying community if local government remains at arm’s length.
Mr Carroll believes the club’s financial woes lay not on the fairways but under the clubhouse roof, highlighted by an alarming increase in administration costs.
The whole scenario leaves members nervous and it is little wonder they are taking their money elsewhere and choosing to invest in other clubs … or leaving the sport completely.
Something must be done before the situation compounds further and the organisation becomes insolvent.
The club’s management committee needs to be brutally honest about its financial state before the community risks losing a recreational gem for future generations to enjoy.
Professional advice must be sought.
The club has flagged the possibility of saving money by realigning the course so that its main entrance is via the proposed sporting development on Springs Road.
But that council-built sports hub is more than a decade away and, if the former club treasurer is to be believed, the organisation  only has months left before it is well and truly bunkered.