Sink or swim

The future of the Mt Barker Mountain Pool is an important conversation the Hills community must have for the improvement of this region’s general sporting needs.
The ageing pool leaks, is too small to host significant swimming events and is set to cost ratepayers another $300,000 this financial year, adding to an $850,000 loss over the past three years.
The pool has become so dilapidated the town’s council has decided no more money will be spent on major upgrades or even fixing a significant leak.
Throwing good money after bad is not in anyone’s interest.
The question the council must answer is how long can the community support a piece of infrastructure which has no long-term future to the tune of $300,00 per year?
The only solution to the district’s aquatic needs is to build a new pool elsewhere in the town – and the council has already moved down this path.
Over recent months council staff and elected members have spent many hours behind closed doors, discussing where a new pool could go, who would pay for it and how much it would cost.
Further details of these confidential discussions are likely to surface before the end of the year and it will be interesting to see what ripples they create.
The fact is swimming pools are expensive to build and maintain and the council is unlikely to be able to fund a new aquatic facility alone.
It must enter into a partnership and seek significant contributions from State and Federal governments.
This could be a good test for our new Member for Mayo Rebekha Sharkie to lobby the Federal Government for funds.
State MP Mark Goldsworthy also needs to be publicly proactive as governments question the level of priority a new swimming pool commands compared to other needs such as hospitals, transport and education.
The Hills is renowned for its high number of football ovals, tennis courts, soccer pitches and netball courts but it is clear more sporting facilities will be needed as Mt Barker expands.
As Mt Barker Councillor Carol Bailey put it, the Mountain Pool’s inadequate size is “embarrassing” for a town on track to becoming the second largest city in SA.