Mighty nature

The amazing storm which passed over the Hills on Friday afternoon left a trail of destruction and the whole community in awe.
Those not walking, driving, sandbagging or unblocking gutters filled with hail were no doubt standing under verandahs and back porches watching the sound and light show.
Seemingly constant flashes of lightning and booming claps of thunder drew many people outside as the rain teemed down in torrents.
It was impossible to hold a conversation such was the noise of the downpour.
Such storms are not unusual in the tropics but a rarity in the Hills and Friday’s event was also remarkable in that it vanished almost as suddenly as it began.
About 30 minutes after the heavens opened the skies cleared, the wind dropped and the birds in the garden began to chirp again.
It was as if nothing had happened … except if your house had flooded, the pergola roof sheeting had been turned into a colander by apricot-sized hail or the car’s duco was left with more dimples than a golf ball!
Friday afternoon’s display showed the awesome power and wonder of nature.
Almost everyone who saw it must have been left feeling insignificant.
You can’t watch a billion volts of pure energy smash into the ground from a black thundercloud and feel big.
You can’t endure a bone rattling crack of thunder directly overhead and stand tall.
For those who think humans are the masters of nature, think again.
No-one standing on their verandah on Friday afternoon thought they were in control.
The storm was a timely reminder that, as a species, the best we can do is work with nature … we can never control it.
It is far too powerful and potentially destructive.
It is Mother Nature who rules us, despite what we think.
Sometimes nature is brutal such as the recent earthquake disasters in Italy and NZ, and sometimes it is quiet, like a slow and suffocating drought.
Either way we humans are privileged to live on this magnificent, all-providing planet and need to be reminded from time to time not to take it for granted.