Save our seat

Speculation over the future of the Federal seat of Mayo should raise a battle cry among voters of all stripes across the electorate.
Since it was created almost 34 years ago the electorate has enjoyed representation in Parliament’s Lower House – something the  Hills and Fleurieu regions cannot afford to lose.
Mayo’s boundaries may circle a geographically disparate area – from the ranges to the coast and Kangaroo Island  – but many of its core issues are the same.
The ability to actively lobby on those issues would likely be lost if the electorate was axed and its regions split and swallowed up by neighboring seats.
Would a metropolitan MP really understand the issues surrounding regional tourism, agriculture, environmental protection, country health and water security?
Would a politician based in the South East or Murraylands be as easily accessible to voters?
The decisive election win by NXT MP Rebekha Sharkie last year clearly has the major Parties rattled and the axing of her seat would be an easy solution to the rising challenge they are facing from minor Parties and independents.
But for the Liberal Party to walk away from Mayo without a fight would represent a great disservice to the people of the electorate.
As a Liberal stronghold for over three decades, the conservative voters of Mayo should demand the Federal Liberal team fight for its survival.
The Party must aggressively oppose any push to redistribute the seat and, instead,  work tirelessly to win it back.
To meekly let it wither on the vine in order to suffer little political pain through a conveniently-timed redistribution would be an utter betrayal of the local community.
If the Liberals still held the seat the cries of derision would be heard long and loud and their response in the coming negotiations will speak volumes.
It must be remembered the Labor Party has everything to gain by the death of Mayo.
The true value of Rebekha Sharkie’s win at the last election may be that she lit a fire under the backside of the Liberal Party which must put forward a dynamic, hard working, approachable and articulate candidate with well thought out policies and funded plans at the next election.
To lose that potential advantage would be a great loss for the people of this region.