For better or worse

The same sex marriage debate is continuing to cripple the Federal Government at a time when the community is demanding active leadership on a host of other far more important issues.
What we have at the moment is a squabbling rabble which is clearly not fully engaged with power prices, job creation, housing affordability or national security.
The Liberals seem hamstrung by a lack of leadership … or perhaps there are too many!
This latest internal wrangling over what is a relatively minor matter simply strengthens the mistrust of voters who bemoan the courage of our elected representatives.
Something must change because the voters will be waiting with baseball bats at the next election.
Allowing this issue to percolate to the top of the political agenda at a time when the nation can least afford it is a direct result of a Government leading from behind.
This issue needs to be settled in order to give our politicians clear air to lead us into an increasingly complex future.
The original plan for a non-binding plebiscite is a political failure.
The newly proposed back up postal plebiscite – also non-binding – is no better.
Such decisions are made by people lacking the confidence to lead.
Our politicians need to make a decision on the issue because cowering behind what is essentially an opinion poll costing taxpayers upwards of $150m displays a distinct lack of backbone.
Marriage equality directly affects a very small percentage of the population but all this dithering by politicians sends a confusing message, as the same people will willingly impact great swathes of the populace by cutting benefits or increasing taxes.
Tough times demand tough decisions, they say.
Homosexuality is legal, defacto relationships are normal and you cannot legislate against love.
Whichever Party has the willingness to put this issue to a vote will be seen as bold – irrespective of the outcome.
The reality is that under a conscience vote, every politician – whether they vote yes or no – will be forced to disappoint a section of their community in order to either create, or maintain, their ideal Australia.
It is obvious they just don’t have the ticker to make that choice.