Laugh a minute

The Federal political scene has descended into something of a farce.
With a growing list of Australian politicians discovered to be citizens of a second country – which makes them ineligible to hold office under the Constitution – the entire fiasco looks like a real life episode of the ABC comedy series Utopia.
Two Greens Senators have so far been forced to resign while a number of others on both sides of the political divide are claiming they had no knowledge of their status and therefore should be spared.
The concept that a person must not be a citizen of any other country before taking a seat in the Australian Parliament so they can then pledge allegiance to the head of the British Royal Family is bemusing to say the least. Utopia at its best.
Either the Constitution must change to suit the modern face of Australia or the nation must become a republic.
Otherwise we will remain a laughing stock and Canberra will continue to provide fully scripted episodes to the national broadcaster.

Oval challenges

The Bridgewater Callington Raiders Football Club has faced many challenges over the past few years, not the least of which has been the regular flooding of its home ground in Bridgewater.
Sporting clubs play a major role in Hills communities, and the absence of Bridgewater Callington games from the town has already taken its toll on the club, which has lost junior members and had its sponsorship threatened.
Built on one of the lowest points in the town, and directly next to a creek, the oval is in a less than ideal location.
However, the club is still an integral part of the town and a focal point for the community, while the ability to host regular sporting games must be a boon to local businesses.
It’s good to see the council making moves to repair the creek banks in preparation for next football season, which will hopefully see the return of senior games to the oval.
However, the creek will flood again and if the Bridgewater Callington Football Club is to have a stable future in the town, flood mitigation work along the creek needs to be a continuous effort.