Lift your game

A more dysfunctional Federal Government is difficult to imagine.
First, the increasing ugliness of the postal vote on same sex marriage is morphing into an issue that has the potential to cause great harm and offence to many – on both sides of the debate.
It will get worse before it gets better.
Already the extremes are mobilising their campaigns and it is clear the community is about to be inundated with propaganda – some of which will be false and misleading – which will significantly offend sections of the community.
And what if the result of the vote is inconclusive – 51% yes and 49% no, for example?
This non-binding exercise could well become a monumental waste of $120m with the decision deferred to the very people unwilling to make a decision in the first place.
Then we have the seemingly endless dual citizenship mess that has made the nation a laughing stock, if it wasn’t before.
The way this series of embarrassing revelations of either incompetence or bizarre bad luck is being drip fed to the public only adds to the community’s feeling of frustration.
So far six Senators and one MP have been outed. More are likely.
The Labor Party can smell blood in the water and, with the Coalition holding on to a slim majority in the Lower House, is busy making political hay.
Labor’s sole objective is to keep the issue in the spotlight – to the detriment of better government.
Power prices and housing affordability can wait, it seems.
To that end both major Parties have refused to agree to an audit of all MPs to work out exactly who is legally allowed a seat in Parliament under the Constitution.
That sensible solution is being pushed by the Greens after losing two Senators in the fiasco.
And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre, in waltzes Pauline Hanson wearing a burqa.
In retrospect the whole thing looks like a scene from a D-grade pantomime.
Thank goodness there is now a two- week interval in which the public can regain its composure and the politicians can regain their senses, because more of the same is just not an option.