Glorious food

The sale of Hills-based cheese manufacturer Udder Delights to a Japanese dairy giant shows how far the region’s food reputation has spread around the world.
The $14m price tag will allow former owners Saul and Sheree Sullivan to stay with the company but spend more time doing what they do best – making cheese and developing new styles.
The new owner has the financial capability to invest significant resources into the company’s infrastructure and also has the network to export the products to international markets. The Sullivans believe this injection of capital will create local jobs and be a bonus for Hills dairy suppliers.
The transformation of the region from an agricultural base to one where the advantages of value adding are widely recognised, has been a significant employment creator.
It has also seen businesses keen to link themselves to the ‘Adelaide Hills’ as it signifies a clean, high quality product.
That reputation is priceless.
In this modern, highly competitive food world, producers must be able to “tell a story” about their product and the clean and green Hills is one to which many are keen to hitch their wagon.
The region combines the essential ingredients of food, wine, tourism, clean, green, fresh and high quality.
In an increasingly dirty and mass produced world, a high-end point of difference is gold for marketers.
The State Government is helping to grow this market through initiatives such as its highly successful I Choose SA campaign.
Encouraging people to look for and purchase locally made brands can make a significant difference.
It is estimated that if each SA family spent an extra $2.30 a week on local food and beverages it could support up to 600 jobs.
Activities and promotions such as the Ferment Festival in Adelaide from Thursday (October 19) until Sunday are a valuable tool in promoting food regions such as ours.
The festival highlights the many producers of fermented foods including cheese, chocolate, bread, yogurt, beer, wine, ciders and whisky.
The event has grown out of the popular CheeseFest and serves as a reminder that we live in one of the most pristine food environments in the world and we should not only appreciate it … we should also consume it!