Green light for pedestrian crossing

Pedestrians will no longer have to dodge traffic or make a last second dash in order to cross one of Mt Barker’s busiest roads near the town’s key shopping precinct.
The Mt Barker Council’s plan to install pedestrian activated traffic lights at the junction of Adelaide Road and Gawler Street will make the crossing point opposite the Auchendarroch House and Wallis Cinemas both safer and easier.
The current crossing, with a small pedestrian refuge in the centre of Adelaide Road, is inadequate for such a busy arterial road.
Pedestrians – often families with young children – can regularly be seen stranded on the refuge part way across the road, or dashing for safety ahead of oncoming traffic.
A pedestrian activated crossing will make it safer for people to move between one of the town’s big attractions in the movie cinemas and its main shopping and dining precinct.
A new trail link from the crossing point on the Auchendarroch side down into Keith Stephenson Park will also make it easier for people to access the town’s main park.
A redesigned left turn slip lane for vehicles turning left into Gawler Street from Adelaide Road should also avoid impeding traffic travelling straight through the town.
One test, however, will be what impact a fourth set of traffic lights has on traffic using Adelaide Road.
With traffic lights also a future certainty at the Adelaide Road/Hawthorn Road junction, motorists may be in for a lengthier commute on the road between the town centre and the freeway.
The intersection redesign also paves the way for a new entrance statement, likely a statue or sculpture, to be installed to draw visitors into Mt Barker’s main retail heart.
That, combined with the sale of most of the retail block bounded by Adelaide Road, Gawler, Morphett and Walker streets to the Peregrine Corporation, means the town centre is in store for some substantial changes.
If done well, they could breath new life into the CBD by making it a more accessible and vibrant place for shoppers.

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  1. Good luck with that,I believe the road is a state government controlled road so any plans or work would have to be done by the DPTI ,Not Mount Barker Council.

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