Hydro power

Hillgrove Resource’s concept to turn its Kanmantoo open pit mine into a pumped hydro electricity generator opens up an exciting opportunity for SA and the Hills.
The copper mine is set to reach a depth of 380m by mid-2019, when the company estimates the open pit will reach the end of its mining life.
That leaves a giant, ugly hole in the ground to be remediated.
Using it as part of a renewable energy generator that could offer extra stability to the State’s vulnerable electricity grid may be a viable alternative.
The scheme, estimated to cost $220m, has the potential to create clean, low cost power in a State where energy costs are a burden both to residents and industry.
Coupled with long-term plans to develop Monarto into an industrial hub, the scheme could complement the economic expansion of the region by offering a reliable, affordable electricity source.
Its proximity to the power grid, the geotechnical data already available for the site, the ability to build an upper dam from waste rock pulled from the mine and the existing open pit all make it an attractive proposition that deserves further detailed investigation.

Oakbank future

In the face of ongoing industry challenges, the Oakbank Racing Club has delivered yet another successful Easter Racing Carnival.
But with several big changes already made this year, the club has again expressed its intention to go back to the drawing board and continue identifying new ways to improve its famous racing meeting.
Numbers continue to slowly decline at the Easter Carnival, but the trend is the same across racing in Australia and the two-day event still remains the best attended horse race in SA.
The club may be fighting an uphill battle, but it’s good to see that the committee is not a slave to tradition and is prepared to change with the times, reinventing the racing meeting to compete with the plethora of events held around Adelaide during this time of year.
Even without the 100,000 strong crowds of a decade ago, the Easter carnival has a vibrant atmosphere and is an important event on the Hills calendar and one worth investing in and fighting for.