Calendar girls

In becoming calendar girls, the women of the Macclesfield Young at Heart Club are shining a spotlight on an important message.
Their latest venture, to strip off for the tastefully photographed fundraiser, is already doing plenty to get people in SA talking about cancer and the ripple effect it has on the lives of those affected.
The group has already raised almost $80,000 for the cause by supporting the Cancer Council SA’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea each year over the past decade.
Next week, in addition to the delicious spread, hot cuppas, auctions and stalls, they will launch their calendar. It’s a cheeky way of hitting back against a terrible disease that has cut short the lives of their loved ones, or left them with terrible scars.
While cancer may have united them in a push to raise awareness and funds for a cure, it has also brought them closer together, creating a much-needed support network and boosting one small community’s resilience in the face of adversity.

Branch closure

The closure of Strathalbyn’s Commonwealth Bank branch is a sign of the changing times.
From July 6, only two banks will have a physical presence in the town because, like most industries, banking is becoming increasingly digitised.
Cash transactions are dropping and branch closures are the unfortunate result of that digital shift.
For most, the ease of internet banking renders face-to-face banking redundant, but there are still many people who rely on that service.
Whether they are unable to access online banking due to lack of internet access, whether they haven’t adapted to (or refuse to trust) banking online, or whether they run a business that simply must swap bank notes for change, some people are heavily reliant on their local bank branch.
For Commbank customers unwilling to make the return trip to the Mt Barker branch, they will have little option but to swap banks.
The local post office offers some banking services but unless the Commbank can strike a deal with the local AusPost branch to offer a change service for some businesses, it will lose more of its local business customers.