Speed cameras

The State Government’s new freeway speed camera next to the existing Leawood Gardens camera will specifically target trucks and buses and is being done to improve safety on the descent, according to the department responsible.
Maybe truck and bus drivers have been flouting the lower speed limit and lower gear rules, and if the Government wants to make them accountable for these potentially dangerous actions, then all power to them.
While campaigning, the State Liberals were adamant that regular speed cameras should only be located on dangerous stretches of roads and pledged to conduct an audit to ensure that was the case.
That audit is currently underway, but the Government must complete it as soon as possible and make the findings public in order to clear the air around the placement of all fixed cameras.
It is clear that speed cameras were a major cash cow for the previous State Labor Government and the Leawood Gardens camera rakes in $4m in fines each year.
This new government must keep its word and ensure the placement of all cameras is based on accident statistics alone.

Interest in Mayo

The plethora of political heavyweights visiting Mayo in the past few weeks shows that Canberra is suddenly taking an interest in the seat.
On the Government side of the ledger we’ve had the Prime Minister (three times), Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Health Minister and Foreign Minister all visit, talking up the credentials of their candidate Georgina Downer and promising to invest about $16m to assist local issues.
We’ve also have the Leader of the Opposition and the Greens leader here supporting their candidates.
The only other time a sitting Prime Minister has visited Mayo during an election campaign was in 2016 when the Liberals knew their candidate was in a world of trouble.
So for all the obvious desire by the conservatives to see Mayo return to its former Liberal status, it is a little surprising that the funding promises in this seat are so far behind other marginal by-election seats with the Liberals promising the voters of Braddon (Tasmania) $38m and those in Longman (Queensland) $42m.