Mute response

The most bizarre aspect about the removal of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull two weeks ago is that nobody in authority can give a clear reason as to why it happened.
Joe Average on the street knows the answer but that knowledge seemingly hasn’t infiltrated the plush halls of Parliament House in Canberra.
New Prime Minister Scott Morrison either can’t or won’t divulge what seems to have developed into a State secret but he has said the removal of Mr Turnbull has resolved all the problems – whatever they were – and the Liberal Party has now drawn a line under this issue and is moving on.
Exactly where they are moving to is the next question, one which seems difficult to answer – particularly if those at the pointy end of politics can’t even say where they were heading previously.
It is understandable the public are annoyed when getting a straight answer to a simple question such as “why?” is met with more verbal twists and turns than Gorge Road.
Nobody likes sneaky, evasive and plotting politicians of any political persuasion … and we’ve had plenty in the past 10 years.
It reeks of self-interest and the ensuing stench from this latest incident has the vultures circling … with baseball bats.
The Liberal Party suffered a massive 29% swing against it at a NSW State by-election on the weekend in a result that saw them lose a seat they had safely held for the past 60 years.
Some Federal MPs have bravely held the line that the result in NSW was not influenced by the debacle in Canberra, but those same people must be more than a little concerned at the looming by-election in Mr Turnbull’s seat of Wentworth.
The Liberals now want to preselect a woman in a last-minute attempt to reconcile the massive disparity between the sexes in the Party and improve their chances to hold the seat.
The men in suits have been forced kicking and screaming to acknowledge the blindingly obvious gender issue.
Now all they have to do is resolve the bullying problem.
But watching the behavior on both sides of the chamber during Monday’s Question Time would suggest there is a long way to go.
Politicians should remember the standards they ignore are the standards they accept.