Council decision

When it meets for the first time next month, there will be a majority of new faces filling the chairs in the Mt Barker Council chamber.
Six out of the 10 elected members chosen by voters this month are new – and some have very diverse views on local issues.
Perhaps the first test of their ability to work cohesively will be in the management of little corellas.
The previous council endorsed the controversial decision to employ lethal scaring when the first “scout” birds arrive in Mt Barker.
It follows a season of destruction last summer which caused substantial damage to the town’s golf course.
The issue of corella control is already proving divisive within the community – and the birds haven’t yet arrived.
Newly elected North Ward Councillor David Leach has positioned himself in opposition to the council’s lethal scaring tactic by joining a protest ahead of last week’s council meeting.
He represents a section of the community concerned about the welfare of the birds and the use of shooting to kill within town boundaries.
There is no doubt that something must be done to manage the birds, or Mt Barker risks losing many of the magnificent historic gums in the town.
The birds also cause thousands of dollars of damage to both public and private facilities and are a nuisance to many who live near their chosen roosting grounds.
To some, the answer is an outright Statewide cull to reduce the numbers of an overabundant species.
To others, the solution is designing sacrificial sites outside of towns where the birds would be welcome, and redesigning public areas within towns to make them less attractive to the little corellas in the first place.
While most within the community agree that long-term measures must be taken to manage the nuisance and damage caused by the little corellas, the short-term fix remains highly controversial.
The real test for the new Mt Barker Councillors will be whether they can find a balance that can both effectively manage the problem and meet a diverse range of community expectations.