Long Valley Road

The State Government’s commitment to review the safety of Long Valley Road is a welcome decision that is overdue.
The road has long been a point of concern for both the Mt Barker and Alexandrina councils, which have contacted the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to raise their concerns in recent years.
Increasing traffic volumes, the road’s limited overtaking opportunities, sweeping bends and narrow shoulders, as well as a number of minor intersections with poor visibility, contribute to its dangerous nature.
The cause of the two fatality crashes that occurred along the road over the past three months are still being determined.
However, the senseless loss of life demands action.
It will be interesting to see what the promised review reveals, but statistics alone show there is need for improvement.
Alexandrina Mayor Keith Parkes believes the answer is not a reduced speed limit, but that improvements should include more safe overtaking opportunities, sealing of minor roads approaching Long Valley Road and improved lines of sight at intersecting roads.
Such changes may not have prevented the deaths but they are sensible measures that would improve road safety for all.

Rookie errors

Georgina Downer presenting a giant novelty cheque dripping with Liberal branding to an organisation that is the recipient of a Federal Government grant is just another rookie error by the would-be Member for Mayo.
Coupled with basic mistakes such as using a former Liberal staffer in a Facebook video decrying a Labor Party policy without declaring his background and turning up to an Anzac Day service wearing ‘vote for Georgina’ insignia, it is clear that Ms Downer needs more guidance if she is to win the hearts and minds of local voters.
It must be said that she is doing the old fashioned hard yards in door knocking and going to as many events in the region as possible – and that is to be commended.
But much of that hard work is being undone by simple errors which can develop into an avalanche of negative attitudes that can sweep up undecided voters.
The cheque, approved by the State Liberal Party hierarchy, was an easily avoidable blunder which should have been blindingly obvious to everyone, Ms Downer included.