Modern living

It’s one of the common stories of modern development.
Everyone wants better services and improved infrastructure … unless it’s next door to them. The latest dispute in Cherryville is no exception.
It’s undeniable that the stark metal frame and imposing height of mobile phone towers can be intrusive on natural landscapes.
But, like highways, airplanes and train lines, they have become part of modern life.
In a society that relies so heavily on communication for business, education and even safety, the lack of efficient, reliable connection puts some members of the community at greater risk than those living just minutes away.
Better mobile and internet reception is not just about access to luxury services like music streaming and Netflix.
Living just 20km from Adelaide’s CBD, it’s not unreasonable that Cherryville residents would expect to conduct business from home or call an ambulance in an emergency without having to find a slither of reception for a patchy phone call.
The community’s concern over the aesthetics of their region – which hosts the Heysen Trail – is not without merit.
But the 1200km Heysen Trail already winds its way past three of these towers at Mt Lofty.
Views from the Mt Lofty Summit and the nearby Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens have long been punctuated by the television towers and a 34m tall fire tower.
Yet they remain two of the region’s most popular and picturesque spots.
While opposition to the imposing development is understandable, as time passed the tower would have likely become less obtrusive to residents – just like people living in a flight path or near a main road eventually don’t notice the extra noise.
Anti-tower residents say the tower isn’t guaranteed to significantly improve communication in the valley, with other spots just as viable.
But Telstra says it’s exhausted its options and has backed out all together.
It’s a great shame that some residents may have permanently missed out on an opportunity for better infrastructure and quality of life.
And it’s also a shame that such outcomes may not reflect well when the region seeks future Mobile Black Spot funding.
But what’s even sadder is the way the dispute has divided a community.

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  1. Caroline Johnson | April 16, 2019 at 12:42 pm |

    Your editorials are always on the mark. Your discussion of Cherryville, mobile reception, modern amenities and their impact on aesthetics etc, is extremely relevant.
    We have a bigger health and aesthetic monster rolling our way: 5th Generation Technology. This is NOT 5GHz, which you can disabled. It is being rolled out across the world without any testing for health effects. Despite evidence that existing wireless technology causes adverse health problems, governments are sanctioning what scientists and experts warn will be a serious health crisis… unavoidable exposure 24/7. Google “electromagnetic sense Ireland” for a start.

    The 5G network involves the installation of millions of antennae and thousands of transmitting satellites in space. Trees reduce coverage, so thousands of extra antennae will be installed for 5G, and trees will have to be cut down to the height of 3m. This is quite apart from the fact that plants and animals, bees and all insects, fungi, wild and domestic, will have substantially increased exposure to radio–frequency electromagnetic fields RF-EMF. This has already been proven to be harmful for humans, animals and the environment. Do some reading…consider “duckduckgo” search engine to get good results. The EU5G Appeal by hundreds of Doctors and scientists from 35 countries is worth a read.

    The whole human, plant and animal population will be exposed to man-made devices emitting non-ionizing radiation that was insufficiently tested before deployment. Scientists, immunologists, doctors etc are crying out in their thousands. Why isn’t this an election issue? Australia is so obsessed with safety, except when profits might be harmed? It has already been disabled in some places in Europe pending more research. WHY ARE OUR POLLIES SO QUIET? THEY CAN BE IMPLICATED.

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