The brighter side

There is a lot going on in the world at the moment and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly constant barrage of negative news.
With a potential war looming in the Middle East threatening oil supplies, half the Amazon on fire, Hong Kong in meltdown, the constant Brexit bickering, China searching for dominance in the Pacific, Kim Jong Un doing heaven knows what and Donald Trump’s usual antics, it is not difficult to feel like the world is teetering on the edge of a calamity.
Closer to home there’s the State Government’s land tax furore, a slowing economy, rising unemployment, drought across much of the country and bushfires in the tropics.
Politically we’ve got a Federal MP who can’t remember to which Chinese Community Party groups she may or may not have belonged … or currently belongs, nasty spite-filled debates over abortion laws, church leaders accused of participating in some sort of paedophile ring and top chief executives earning just shy of $500,000 a week while the wages of their workers remain static.
It is therefore not surprising that many people are turning away from what appears to be an avalanche of negativity in today’s 24-hour news cycle.
Thankfully there’s The Courier to provide some sort of distraction and highlight that the ‘real world’ here in the Hills in which we actively participate is not all negative … as opposed to the ‘global world’ in which we are mere observers.
The story of the presentation of CFS awards to long-serving volunteers is a prime example.
Thousands of men and women, young and old, able-bodied and stiff of limb combine to deliver a world class fire service to our communities.
They put themselves in danger, are on the front line after horrific car accidents and other tragedies, train and prepare relentlessly for no other reward than it makes them feel better for helping others.
So at a time when your thoughts can turn negative and the dark clouds seem rather overwhelming, it is worth looking a little closer to home for inspiration.
Our little patch of the world is not a bad place. In fact it is fantastic.
Let’s not forget that as we forge ahead into the future.