Caught out

The Federal Government looks for all the world like a fly caught in a web of its own deceit.
The ‘sports rorts’ issue continues to drag on and the more the Coalition struggles, the more entangled it becomes.
Already one Minister has resigned over a relatively minor oversight but the Government steadfastly refuses to even acknowledge the issue, preferring to see itself in a perfect light spreading charity around the nation while ordinary Australians can only smell the stinking corpse of corruption.
Now that the heat is on it is reduced to using tricky word games while still attempting to play us for fools.
This issue proves that self preservation and re-election are often far more important to politicians than working for the greater good … a fault with both sides.
Ministerial responsibility seems to be something you get paid for but is not something in which you have to believe.
And whatever happened to the “if you have a go, you get a go” mantra espoused by the PM during the election campaign.
Tell that to the deserving sports clubs which were overlooked as political self interest took over.
The $100m sports grants scheme (where eligibility rules were ignored) and the even more disturbing $150m Female Facilities and Water Safety stream (where there were no rules at all) were clearly abused for political gain on a national scale.
Watching supposedly intelligent MPs now scrabbling for a semblance of firm ground in a swirling sea of deceit is unedifying in the extreme.
But while the combined slush fund of $250m is small beer in the wider scheme of things, it is the clumsy attempt to cover up the matter which is perhaps the greater crime. The Government’s internal ‘investigation’ cleared it of any wrongdoing – a report they refuse to release yet which is almost completely at odds with the published report from the independent Australian National Audit Office.
There is obviously something in the Government’s own report it wants to hide.
Again, treating us like fools.
The heart of the matter is this Government’s willingness to be dishonest and secretive when it suits.
Both sides of politics play this grubby game and the nation deserves better.