Silver lining

There are few other places in this Covid-riddled world you would rather be than Australia.
One only has to look at the devastating impact this disease is having in similar countries such as the US and UK to understand that this is the lucky country.
And, there are few other places within Australia you’d rather be than here in SA.
Decisive and relatively timely action by the Federal Government has meant this country has largely been spared the horrors felt by other nations.
Apart from a few exceptions, the national Government has locked down the country and instigated an appropriate testing regime.
The resulting economic impact has been largely well supported through JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs (there will always be some who fall through the cracks) although the impact on the nation’s important tourism industry looks like it will be savage.
With SA recording just one Covid-19 case in the past month the State Government is looking to lift restrictions … a much more delicate and difficult task than imposing them.
There is no doubt the clampdowns – including restricting the State borders – have been successful in halting the spread of this virus and the time has come for a cautious easing of these draconian measures.
Pubs, cafes and restaurants are now open with some restrictions. Businesses such as cinemas, gyms, beauty salons and others can soon start trading, but we must all be aware that social distancing rules continue to apply and a spike in cases will mean a return to tighter controls.
It is vital the State Government does not open our borders too soon. To let the genie out of the bottle by allowing an influx of people from the Eastern States would be a huge step backwards and a waste of the hardship experienced by all South Australians to get where we are today.
A positive impact people can have in SA is to support local businesses … particularly regional tourism operators.
So if your circumstances allow, treat yourself to an SA holiday.
This forced travel restriction might just show locals how much this State has to offer and encourage a greater exploration of this wonderful part of the world.