People’s politician

Finally the Hills has a backbencher with a backbone.
Dan Cregan, whose electorate of Kavel covers Mt Barker, Hahndorf, Nairne, Carey Gully, Oakbank, Woodside and Charleston, has proven himself a politician prepared to put his people ahead of his Party.
How utterly refreshing.
For the second time in his short career Mr Cregan has made himself a nuisance to Premier Steven Marshall by standing up to the Liberal Party machine in an effort to get a better outcome for his electorate.
Early in his career Mr Cregan twice crossed the floor of Parliament with three Liberal colleagues to vote against the Liberal Party over changes to mining legislation.
The newly-minted MP showed he was prepared to do what was right rather than simply toeing the Party line. The Liberal Party, he said, was turning its back on a clear promise made during the 2018 election campaign and he was not prepared to join the bulk of his colleagues, preferring to take the moral high road and vote the way he believed was correct, not convenient.
This week he has again ruffled a few Liberal feathers by telling his colleague – Transport Minister Stephan Knoll – in no uncertain terms to keep his hands off any changes to a direct bus route from Nairne to the city.
The proposed changes to bus services will see 500 bus stops closed and a number of routes cancelled or merged.
Mr Cregan is not against reforming the public transport network but he has heard the concerns of his constituents about the need to retain the direct service from Nairne to Adelaide and is unashamedly representing the community.
Such fierce community-driven representation shouldn’t be that unusual in the corridors of power but sadly, in this day and age of cookie-cutter politicians, it is.
This is exactly the sort of representation all people – not just the voters of Kavel – desire, and Mr Cregan has shown himself to be his electorate’s representative on North Terrace, not North Terrace’s representative in his electorate.
Being branded a renegade by the power brokers within the Party could put him on the outer when future Cabinet positions are being considered, but one suspects Mr Cregan’s actions have cemented the support of the people who really count – the voters of Kavel.