Virus risk

The disastrous second wave of coronavirus engulfing Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria is a tragedy which SA has – so far – avoided by the skin of its teeth.
The benefits of the decision in March to go into early lockdown and maintain that position under extreme pressure – particularly from Victoria and NSW – are now becoming clear.
Victoria now has countless unreported Covid-19 cases spreading across the population like wildfire.
The horse has bolted in that State and a return to savage, community-wide restrictions and another shutdown of its economy appears to be a likely option for authorities to get on top of the problem.
This is not only a painful blow for Victoria but the nation as a whole.
A similar issue appears to be looming menacingly over Australia’s other powerhouse State with hotspots in NSW breaking out in a number of urban and regional centres.
Authorities in NSW this week said how disappointed they were with people’s rejection of the much publicised social distancing rules and it appears Covid fatigue has understandably crept into some people’s minds.
It is unwise and unhealthy to keep people on a war-like footing when it is not necessary, but this nation is a long way from getting on top of this pandemic.
It is worth remembering that without a vaccine the only true preventative measure available is distance.
We here in SA have been extremely compliant and diligent in maintaining our distance and are largely isolated from the problems in Victoria … at the moment.
Our hard border is keeping us safe but it would take only a single breach – perhaps by a selfish idiot crossing the border or a perfectly reasonable person showing no obvious signs of infection – to bring the whole house of cards crashing down.
Allowing up to 25,000 people into Adelaide Oval on Monday night was a risk deemed worth taking by authorities.
It was a huge step in easing the State back to normality and any ramifications of that decision will become clear in the days ahead.
Let’s hope they were right, otherwise we could also be back to square one.