Rollout rolls on

Covid vaccines are being rolled out to the general public.

It would appear the wider community is finally warming to the idea of getting Covid-19 vaccinations.
SA has largely been immune from this pandemic which has so far killed almost four million people across the world.
In SA there have been four deaths.
The Federal Government’s decision last year to call the situation early and close the international border coupled with the benefits of being an isolated island and establishing a very successful medi-hotel system, have no doubt saved hundreds if not thousands of Australian lives.
The Government acted decisively in the early weeks of the pandemic as good governments should.
Political ditherers such as Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have witnessed the deaths of almost 750,000 of their citizens while in Australia the figure is just 910.
But the task of vaccinating the planet is unchartered territory for everyone and Australia’s rollout – while now gaining traction – has been beset with problems.
First there were international supply shortfalls which, when coupled with Mr Morrison’s premature sugar coating of the rollout when he claimed in January four million people would be vaccinated by the end of March (the actual figure was 850,000), showed this was no time for political point scoring.
The utterly incompetent vaccination of those living and working in the aged care system has been shameful while the ensuing vaccine hesitancy felt by the broader community is a result of concern over potential side effects and the lack of a rampant virus on our doorsteps.
Getting vaccinated didn’t seem important to many people but it seems we may have turned the corner.
Perhaps the greatest influence in changing attitudes has been the fear of the highly contagious variant of the disease being brought into the country from Australians returning from India.
This, coupled with the fourth lockdown in Victoria, may have been the catalyst for many to book a jab.
There will always be some who choose not to vaccinate themselves – and that is their choice – but Australia will not be able to rejoin the international community until the overwhelming majority of citizens have ‘had the jab’.