Cregan quits

Hills MP Dan Cregan has announced he will not be contesting the March election and will walk away from his safe seat after just one term.

News of the impending resignation of Kavel MP Dan Cregan has been a shock to the Hills community.
In the three and a half years since winning the seat at the 2018 election, Mr Cregan has earned the respect of his community through his strong advocacy on their behalf.
But on Sunday night he announced he would not be re-contesting the March election and would walk away from his safe seat after just one term.
In the ensuing days Mr Cregan has not articulated a sole reason for his decision.
Rather it seems a combination of tiredness, a dislike of politics and a desire to resume a legal career have forced him to abandon a job he was unerringly passionate about just a few years ago.
During his brief career he showed a willingness to go against the wishes of his own Party on issues that mattered to him and his community.
He crossed the floor over mining reforms and spoke out strongly against his Party’s proposed cuts to public transport.
He was Kavel’s representative in Parliament House – not the Government’s representative in Kavel.
He was a refreshing change.
The soon-to-be-vacant safe seat will be highly sought after by Liberal Party members seeking a secure entry into State Politics at the next election.
But the Hills community now knows first hand the benefit of having an MP whose first priority is their constituents.
It will be beholden on the candidates to prove during the pre-selection process they are willing to put this community first and fight for what matters to the residents, rather than what the Party decides.
In the face of growing challenges – from population growth to increasing bushfire risk – the Hills needs MPs who are willing to prioritise their region and fight tooth and nail for their community’s views.
Let’s hope the next Member for Kavel shows the same commitment and loyalty to the region as its outgoing MP.