Which is older?

Gravity (big G) is a cool movie starring Hollywood A-listers Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Big fan.

In fact I carry a photo of George in my wallet, strictly for haircut appointments.

When my coiffeur technician asks “so what are we doing with your hair today?”

I whip out the photo and tell him to give me “The Clooney”.

They laugh. I laugh. Everyone laughs.

And then he proceeds to make me look like I’ve been fighting with a lawnmower.

But gravity (small g) is that mysterious weight effect we are all familiar with.

So here’s a question: which is older, your feet or your head?

And no, the question isn’t about the direction you came into the world on your birthday.

The answer is that your head is older – unless you have spent your entire life in bed, or a huge part of it hanging upside down from one of those fitness/torture gadgets.

You know the ones: you strap a hooked cuff around each ankle then hook them over a bar you have wedged into the top of a door frame.

I’m pretty sure Aldi has them off and on. Keep an eye on their specials catalogues.

So, unless you are congenitally bedridden or insanely dedicated to inverted fitness regimes – then your head really is older than your feet. The reason: gravity warps the flow of time.

Time near a massive object is like a car passing a crash on the freeway, it slows down as it goes past.

As someone relatively tall and (cough) middle aged, that means my head is about a second older than my feet. Some say it really shows.


But I can almost guarantee they haven’t seen my feet.


Last week we asked:
A sundial is the timepiece with the fewest moving parts but which has the most moving parts?
Answer: an hourglass (with all those grains of sand).

This week’s riddle: What is the centre of gravity?

Answer in the comments below.

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  1. Ronald Sharrad Jones | December 22, 2021 at 5:28 pm |

    The letter ‘V’.

  2. Concentrating on the mass of the v 🤪

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