Cash Column

Payment required before publication.
Cash Column advertisements should be of a “Buy or Sell” nature and available to private parties only. Businesses wishing to advertise are directed to the appropriate section.

All “Give Away” and “Cost of Ad” items are allowed in the Cash Column.

The Courier reserves the right to move, delete or omit any advertisement that does not comply with the style that our readers have come to expect from this publication.

Private parties wishing to advertise

To place an advertisement in The Courier please supply all relevant details such as contact name, billing address and contact phone number.

Place your Cash Column ad on-line

Use the form here to place your Cash Column ad on-line.
Select Cash Column from the drop down Category menu.

Please note

Some adverts require payment before appearing. Please provide a phone number you can be contacted on to arrange payment. If we are not able to contact you when required to obtain payment your advert may not appear. For further information please phone The Courier on (08) 8391 1388 or use this form.