Winners and losers

The State Government’s 2016/17 State Budget delivers a mixed bag for the Hills. Jobs and education are among the winners, but the region looks set…

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A tough choice

With increasing Federal and State Government fees and charges and cuts to entitlements, many ratepayers are set to feel the financial pinch and several had pleaded with the council to minimise the burden it would place on their hip pockets.

Triple budget hit

The story in today’s Courier highlighting Mt Barker pensioner Laurence Gellon’s personal financial situation is a timely example of what the future holds.

Road funding

It’s a common pattern with government budgets that the really nasty bits are strategically leaked to the media beforehand to soften the blow of the…

Road funding

Australians are bracing themselves for a horror Federal budget next week. South Australians living in regional areas now have another cost to consider. It is…