Imperfect fruit

There is no greater sign of consumers’ unrealistic desire for perfection than a piece of fruit on a supermarket shelf. If an apple happens to…

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Flying fox threat

Grey-headed flying foxes have flown over from the eastern States and have set up a small colony in the Adelaide Botanic Garden where they roost during the day. At night they feed on fruit grown at Hills orchards. The Apple and Pear Growers Association is not leaving the issue unchallenged.

Feel for farmers

It must be heartbreaking to be an apple or pear grower at the moment to get up every morning and watch a force beyond your control – thousands of hungry birds – descend on your orchards and gobble up whatever slim profits you might have been counting on.

Disease fears well founded

Hills growers must feel this week that their fears at the potential for NZ apple imports to spread new pests and diseases here are justified.