Hospital win

Mayo MP Rebekha Sharkie’s ability to bring much needed after hours medical services to Mt Barker is a clear win for the new Federal MP….

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Ice addiction

It’s every parent’s nightmare: discovering your child is addicted to a deadly drug. But what makes this situation even worse in SA is that successfully…

Mental health

Once stigmatised and shunned from public discusion, mental illness will be firmly in the spotlight in the Hills this month as the push continues to…

Emergency care

Having easily accessible all hours health care is something many of us expect in our community, so it’s not surprising that a 24-hour emergency department heads a wish list of service improvements for Mt Barker district residents.

System is sick

Anthony and Sally Fox, an average Hills couple with two young children, had no idea how the State’s health system ran and figured that if they lived a healthy life, paid their taxes and took out private health cover then they would able to take care of themselves.