Traffic solution

For almost three decades the good people of Nairne have been told the traffic woes experienced at the intersection of the Old Princes Highway and…

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Boost for Nairne

The Mt Barker Council’s $350,000 plan to beautify Nairne’s main street is a step towards building a more lively and prosperous town. The perception that…

Glebe decision

The almost unanimous decision by Mt Barker Councillors to protect the Glebe – an undeveloped block of land on the outskirts of Littlehampton – from…

Internet access

There is no doubt that demand is there for more ADSL broadband connections, but what residents of one Hills town can’t understand is why telecommunications giant Telstra won’t upgrade its exchange to meet that need.

Intersection delay a dereliction of duty

News that work will start on a new Mt Barker freeway interchange has been overshadowed by the revelation that a nearby major intersection may not be fixed at the same time.

Nairne shopping

Instead of having the retail fabric of Nairne mapped out before the housing developments went in, the houses went up and now the council appears to have concluded that it should allow a large shopping centre to be built on the western outskirts of the town that will starve the eastern main street of customers.

Brighter future

Nairne residents were fearing for the economic future of the town centre earlier this year. The petrol station had closed, the doctor’s surgery shut its…

Rail bypass

The concerns about increasing problems with noise and vibration from passing freight trains through Nairne are the latest in a string of complaints from affected…

Not a good start

Woolworths Limited’s plans for a $40m shopping centre in the heart of Mt Barker is  the town’s biggest retail development.