A champion of the environment

Congratulations to Bob Myers of Birdwood for winning the individual Landcarer title at the recent SA Landcare Awards.
For many decades his name has been linked to vital habitat rehabilitation work and sustainable rural land work in the Upper River Torrens areas.
He has not only turned his own property into a haven for native plants and animals, he has shared his broad knowledge and his enthusiasm with his neighbors and the rest of SA and the nation.
At one time the Bob Myers of this world would have been seen as being on the fringe and they would have found it hard to get traction for their philosophies.
But now Landcare is definitely mainstream as we realise just how much our environment and our activities in that environment are irrevocably interlinked.
That’s where the accumulated experience of long-term “Landcarers” comes into its own as they pass on their knowledge and we gradually and sometimes painfully change the land management practices of the past.
People like Mr Myers don’t do these things for kudos, and they certainly don’t do them for money, but in the end we all benefit from their legacy.

Pageant success

The true value of community events was on display in Stirling on Saturday.
The Stirling Christmas Pageant and Spring Fair gave enormous joy to hundreds of children as well as adults.
That fact was obvious to everyone present … on both sides of the blue line.
From the schools, churches, community groups and businesses which entered ‘floats’ and took an active part in the pageant, to the several thousand people who lined the street to watch the passing parade, the pleasure on the faces of all those present was perfectly clear.
But what wasn’t so obvious was the way the pageant brought strangers together and helped bond them into a community.
This is often the unseen benefit of such events and, when combined with other activities such as community fetes, fairs and festivals, helps make living in the Hills a special experience.
The Stirling Pageant was under a cloud several years ago because of drunken behavior by a few during the evening format but the shift to a daytime event has proven that the joy of Christmas and the positive influence of the festive season is something worth fighting for.