In the groove

For 10 years the Groovin the Moo music festival has been making a name for itself in regional centres around Australia.
It has been lauded for bringing live music to those who would otherwise have to travel long distances to their nearest capital city to get their fix.
So when it was announced that the festival would finally be making its way to SA, many young people were ecstatic.
While some may have hoped for a more regional location than Oakbank – those from rural SA still had to make the same trek as they would to an Adelaide festival – the location provided a ‘country feel’ that makes Groovin the Moo such a successful event.
It’s a common concern in regional areas that there are not enough activities specifically for young people so it was great to see 10,000 gather at the Oakbank Racecourse to enjoy live music.
Some local businesses would have also benefited from the boost in visitors.
Groups of people could be seen at the Oakbank Hotel enjoying a drink before the first band took to the stage, and many also began their day in Hahndorf.
These young people may not have spent much time in the Hills before but hopefully their positive experience will see them return in the future.
A number of local accommodation venues also received a boost in patronage and local taxi providers would have enjoyed the extra business.
However, these types of events do attract drinking and create noise for nearby residents – although it must be noted the music finished by midnight.
It was encouraging to hear that police only arrested two people but over 50 were ejected from the event, largely due to intoxication.
There were some issues relating to catering, toilets and traffic management but with any new event there are always teething problems.
Nearby residents concerned with noise or traffic concerns now have an opportunity to contact the Adelaide Hills Council in an effort to resolve their issues before next year’s event.
It must be noted that at this stage the teething problems only appear to be relatively minor.
One only needs to cast their mind back to the failed Live at the Zoo event in 2009 at Monarto to see how a regional music festival can go terribly wrong.
This three-day camping festival was plagued with disasters including overflowing toilets and the headline act pulling out.
Hopefully with some discussions organisers and locals can find a middle ground and Groovin the Moo can return to once again fill the Hills with the sound of music.