No place for racism

Every parent who has had a child who has been bullied would empathise with the anger and helplessness felt by Lisa and Owen Boyce who are featured in today’s page 5 article.
But what many in this predominantly “white” community wouldn’t have to face was the overtly racist nature of the bullying that engulfed the Boyce family.
It was shock for Lisa Boyce who moved her family to the Hills because she wanted her kids to have the country schooling she enjoyed. It was also a shock for Owen Boyce who grew up in multicultural London where his West Indian descent was nothing remarkable.
However, they do not blame the children at the Hills school where the bullying occurred because they believe racism is a learned behavior.
That is why their efforts to become involved in the City to Bay are so inspiring.
Out of their own person “nightmare” they have tried to create something positive to raise awareness that racism exists and needs to be dealt with, while at the same time raising money for beyondblue.

Meet the Premier

It’s a popular pastime to have a whinge about politicians – heaven knows there’s enough material.
Well on Sunday the Hills community can go one better – whinge TO a politician.
The second in a series of country cabinets will see the entire Labor Cabinet gather in Mt Barker to listen to comments and concerns from the community.
However, the tinge of scepticism about the real worth of such gatherings is understandable, especially in this region.
Not too many years ago the Hills community grabbed its chance to have a say directly to the State Labor Government about the massive rezoning proposed for Mt Barker. Despite hundreds of locals taking the time to voice their concerns in a reasoned and articulate manner at specially convened forums, they were completely ignored and the Government did what it had originally intended.
Mr Weatherill and his team have a lot of damage to repair before such a meeting will be seen by many as anything but a stunt forced upon them during hasty negotiations with independent MP Geoff Brock in a bid to hold on to power after the last State election.

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  1. It is fantastic that this family have taken this positive action after a terrible ordeal. What I can’t understand, is how this school in question is not accountable at all and continue to protest they do not tolerate bullying and have processes in place to deal with such incidents, yet I know of at least four families who have withdrawn their children from the school in the last year, as a direct result of bullying! I think the biggest issue here is the denial of the issue from the school and their complete lack of action.

  2. I just wanted to include my experiencing at this school with regard to bullying and my children. I support Lisa and Owen’s Team Tolerance (in fact I am running the City to Bay wearing their team shirt to help the cause)and I am saddened that they felt so unsupported in the school community. I have children who attend that school and one of my children became the vicitm of of a bully last year. I spent a lot of time and effort liasing with the school leadership team to support my child and sort out this problem. I won’t say it was easy or that there was an instant fix, but I will say that it was fixed with full support from the school. What I learned from the experience was that we can’t always give our children a perfect faultless world to live in, people are not always well mannered or educated or kind and we need to help our children develop the resilience to find the safest solution to the problems they are facing. I feel a sense of dread that the constant name and shame in recent media of the school is giving the wider community a skewed and ugly view of a school that my children enjoy attending and refuse to leave, there are so many things about the school that are wonderful and positive. Please be mindful of throwing around such defamatory generalizations, the mud you throw about a few badly behaved children is sticking to the many lovely young people and dedicated staff learning and working at Nairne Primary School.

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