Heed the warning

The past six months have been marked by one extreme weather system after another, dumping megalitres of water into dams and river systems and occasionally leaving carnage in their wake.
It seems the Hills is not to see any reprieve, with another such system forecast to strike this afternoon, only two weeks after the latest storm resulted in widespread flooding, road closures and damaged infrastructure.
But in an age in which technology is able to give us more warning than ever before about such events, residents and businesses have never been in a better position to help reduce the potential damage by preparing for the coming onslaught.
With a similar weather event fresh in our minds, Hills residents are aware of where the danger spots are when it comes to flooding.
Emergency services have already started preparing for the storm, handing out sandbags and offering advice on how to stay safe and defend properties against rising river levels, exacerbated by already wet soil.
The SES has warned of the dangers associated with some activities, such as attempting to cross floodwaters or approaching fallen powerlines, and it is imperative that their advice is heeded.
Despite the age-old saying ‘it will never happen to me’ often ringing in people’s ears, the reality is, sometimes it does – a fact hundreds of Hills residents and business owners can attest to after the past few weeks.
With CFS and SES volunteers already exhausted after an unrelenting winter, it’s important that the community plays its role in reducing the burden on our emergency crews.
There’s no doubt that, no matter the extent of preparation, these hard-working crews will be well and truly under the pump this week clearing fallen trees and patching damaged roofs.
So as far as possible, let’s heed their advice, take advantage of a fair warning to safeguard our properties against flooding and storm damage, and keep our emergency crews free to deal with the many unforeseeable emergencies that will no doubt arise due to the coming storm.