From bad to worse

Just when everyone thought it couldn’t get any worse … it has.
Just when the level of people’s trust in politicians had hit the floor following the latest unseemly resignation of a Federal Minister for rorting the generous entitlements system, it dropped again.
Yesterday’s defection of SA Senator Cory Bernardi from the Liberal Party to become an independent was the latest in a conga line of politicians completely disregarding the will of the people.
We poor old voters have become used to this sort of thing recently with the Palmer United Party or One Nation, but for the Liberals to lose their number two SA Senator just months after an election smacks of a calculated manipulation of the political system.
Mr Bernardi was only too happy to take the votes and cruise back into the political class last July under the Liberal team led by Malcolm Turnbull.
His relationship with the Liberal leader has been fractured for years but he had neither the courage nor the conviction to stand as an independent at election time.
He wouldn’t have got within a bull’s roar of re-election … and he knew it!
Most Senators are not chosen as individuals but as representatives of their Party.  The two virtually unknown Senators elected under the Nick Xenophon Team banner at the last Federal election are a perfect example.
The vast majority of votes used to elect Mr Bernardi were directed towards the Liberal Party, not him.
Voters wanted a Liberal voice in the Senate, not Mr Bernardi’s necessarily.
When announcing his resignation from the Party yesterday – but not his highly paid job – Mr Bernardi said politics was failing the Australian people and the political class was out of touch.
How out of touch can you be when you’re prepared to take the votes at election time but disregard the will of those same voters a few months later? That’s the political class being out of touch all right!
Mr Bernardi yesterday also issued a warning about the consequences of ignoring voters – yet conveniently overlooked his disregard of their wish made only in July.
Perhaps his first act as an independent Senator might be to introduce a law to prevent politicians changing horses mid-race so the public can expect a reasonable run for their money … or their vote.