Trust is trashed

One of the things that makes the Hills a great place to live is our strong sense of community.
And while halls such as the Longwood Institute may not rate a second glance for many, they are valuable focal points for small towns across the region.
These halls are run by the community, for the community, and should be available to all people to use and enjoy.
But incidents like Saturday night’s out-of-control party, which left the Longwood Institute in a shambles, will likely ruin things for everybody.
There were no winners as a result of Saturday night’s disgraceful acts of vandalism.
The Bradbury community was left cleaning up an historic asset they cherished and had hired out in good faith.
Party goers had what could have been a civilised, fun event shut down by police, and future generations could pay the price of that broken trust if community halls close their doors to events organised for teenagers.
But while there was no good to come out of the incident, there are things that can be learned.
The intense escalation of events highlights the importance of parents knowing where their children are, who they are with and what they are doing.
Children and alcohol don’t mix and, while it is unclear whether the vandalism was the result of invited or uninvited guests, it’s possible appropriate adult supervision could have stopped the party from spiralling out of control.
While it’s a shame community groups can no longer hire out their facilities in good faith, it’s also important they take heed of the weekend’s events and ensure they are completely comfortable with the arrangements when they loan their facilities to strangers.
But perhaps the biggest lesson should be learned by the teenagers involved.
It’s highly likely that most of the people who attended behaved well and had nothing to do with the vandalism.
Once these things get out of control they are almost impossible to stop – particularly without appropriate security and adult supervision.
Those who are responsible for the damage need to recognise that kind of selfish, disrespectful behavior is never acceptable and that their actions have left a nasty stain on our community.