Traffic solution

For almost three decades the good people of Nairne have been told the traffic woes experienced at the intersection of the Old Princes Highway and Woodside Road were so complex a solution was unavailable.
The unusual combination of a ‘highway’ intersecting with a major arterial road at a t-intersection – coupled with a high-volume dead-end road almost directly opposite and a major freight railway line – made for a challenging scenario which has proven too difficult for professional traffic planning experts to solve since the early 1990s.
Or so the community was repeatedly told.
Several years ago pedestrian activated traffic lights were installed across the Old Princes Highway in an effort to ease the overwhelming congestion experienced every day at school drop-off and pick-up times created by the booming numbers at the nearby primary school.
But still the community struggled with cars being backed up over the railway line on Woodside Road with drivers forced to spend inordinate amounts of time trying to exit or enter the town.
Even having the State’s Premier (John Olsen) as the local MP in the 1990s could not deliver enough clout to fix this supposedly hugely complicated and unfathomable traffic problem.
But now the experts have miraculously discovered a solution – a roundabout!
The new State Liberal Government has announced its plans to acquire some land and build one of these revolutionary structures for the betterment of the community.
Of course the community should be pleased that some action is being taken but it does leave a rather bitter taste in the mouths of locals who have spent hundreds of frustrating hours attempting to navigate the intersection when the supposed solution was so simple.
What appears to have been missing was political will.
The former State Labor Government should feel a level of shame that it chose to ignore the cries of help from the people simply because there was no political value in acting and credit must go to the current Liberal Government for finally moving.
It is just a shame that previous governments of both political stripes used the problems as a barrier to hide behind rather than as motivation to push themselves to find a solution.