Community spirit

Angus Reissen has a small business selling up-cycled, reusable masks to remove plastic from the environment and has also given half of his earnings to an Adelaide-based environmental organisation, with the help of his sister Hayley.

This is the final edition of The Courier for 2020. Thank goodness!
I think we all need a break.
This year has been nothing short of a shocker … but you already knew that.
But what you may not fully understand is how amazingly supportive, resilient and caring the Hills community has been throughout this most challenging of years.
The bushfires across the nation – including the devastating Cudlee Creek blaze in our own region – set the tone for what has been a truly tumultuous 12 months.
The way the community rallied around those affected by the fires was inspirational.
Today we have published stories to mark the anniversary of that disaster and the common thread is the generosity of people towards the victims.
Those who had lost everything were left truly humbled by the actions of complete strangers.
And that giving would continue for months … and still lasts to this day.
That is the signs of a truly connected community.
But then we were hit by a global pandemic which burned many who were untouched by the flames.
Businesses were closed, incomes disrupted and families separated.
Again, the community drew together.
People isolated when instructed, worked from home where possible and everyone did their bit to help lessen the spread of this insidious disease.
There have, of course, been a few hiccups along the way with ugly scenes such as when panic buying of toilet paper took hold, but the overwhelming response from the majority has been to put their own hardships to one side and concentrate on the welfare of others for the greater good.
It has been an absolute pleasure to bring you the hundreds of stories over the past 12 months of this caring, compassionate and courageous community.
The role of a local newspaper is never more important than in times of crisis and The Courier staff have been proud to have played a small part in uniting Hills residents on this epic journey.
But now, hopefully, most of us can take a short break.
Please have a safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to returning with our first edition for 2021 on January 20.