Tourism boost

Torrens Valley Orchards owner Tony Hannaford has been impacted by a labor shortage in recent times.

The £10 return flights being offered by the State Government to backpackers looking to take a working holiday is a good move to help the State’s industries bounce back from the ongoing impact of Covid-19.
It’s positive to see the Government looking at different and creative ways to attract labor and tourism to the State.
If well executed, the scheme is likely to provide a boost for businesses which have historically relied on tourism workforces, such as the many fruit and vegetable and hospitality industries in the Hills.
It is also likely to provide an economic injection into our hurting tourism industry.
Holidaymakers who are working in our regions are likely to also spend their money in our regions.
Working holiday visitors have had a huge impact on the State’s economy in the past, with 27,000 backpackers injecting $47m into the visitor economy in 2019.
That puts into perspective the huge loss which was experienced by the State when our national borders were slammed shut after Covid came to our shores in 2020.
Drawing backpackers and other visitors back to SA is a vital part of our State’s economic recovery from the pandemic and the beauty of the State Government’s program is that it seeks to draw tourists that our State may not have attracted even before the pandemic.
Offering such low-cost flights is likely to attract visitors who may otherwise have gone to another state or even another country.
It’s important that our regions and industries capitalise on this opportunity to showcase what our State has to offer, giving tourists a reason to return and to recommend SA to others.
However, it’s also vital that the scheme is well thought through and executed, because it only has merit if the State Government successfully keeps the visitors it attracts in SA for the bulk of their trip.
It’s therefore vital that the Government is clear about the eligibility requirements for the scheme and how it will enforce them.