Bus backflip

It is hardly surprising the State Government decided to kill off its “once-in-a-generation” bus network reforms given the severity of public backlash. The changes would…

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Bus shortfall

Everyone from working parents to the elderly and young people would benefit from an increase in bus services, so it’s encouraging to see the Mt Barker Council picking up the issue.

Traffic problem

Anyone walking down Flaxley Road outside Mt Barker High School at 3.15pm on a school day would see exactly why concerns are being raised about…

Wine decision

The plan by the State Government to allow bottled wine to be sold by large supermarkets was always going to end badly. Thankfully this has…

Parking problems

Human nature being what it is, we often don’t tend to make a concerted effort to fix a problem until we absolutely must.

Speed cameras

Speeding trucks and overcrowded buses have provided plenty of fodder for The Courier’s letters to the editor page this month, highlighting the depth of motorists’…

Double standards

When Hills children board the bus for their daily trip to school they face one of two very different journeys.