Double blow

The resignation of an Alexandrina Councillor following an investigation into her complaint against her treatment at the hands of a fellow elected member is a…

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Rewrite the rules

The push by the Mt Barker Council to strengthen laws prohibiting the early placement of political election signs is a welcome exercise in the obvious….

Mayo matters

A week is a long time in politics. Last week Nick Xenophon Team candidate Rebekha Sharkie was hoping to be in the position where the…

Staggering poll

It’s no wonder Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) candidate Rebekha Sharkie expressed surprise at The Weekend Australian’s Newspoll results for the Federal seat of Mayo. No…

Sign of the times

Local Federal MP Jamie Briggs appears to have a plethora of very bruised and battered election posters clinging drunkenly to Stobie poles across the district….

Election winner

For all the fireworks in recent weeks, the local government elections in the Hills have ended with a whimper rather than a bang.

Have your say

For many of us, local government is the tier of governance with the most direct impact on our lives. It is surprising then that so few of us seem to care enough about our own backyard to have a say on how it is run.

Election result

The election that was widely predicted to deliver the State a Liberal government on March 15 is finally over. Premier Jay Weatherill has won a bizarre election thanks to independent MP Geoff Brock who has chosen to controversially return Labor to power.

Voting changes

Between arts festivals, car races, music events and major sporting contests there’s hardly a day when something isn’t happening somewhere in Adelaide. Add an election into the mix and the State’s political parties should consider themselves lucky that most people remembered to vote.