One last chance

‘Good government starts today’ announced a wounded and broken-looking Tony Abbott on Monday morning after retaining his leadership of the Liberal Party and admitting his previous Government needed significant improvement.

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Political lies

There is no reason why the ABC should be spared Federal funding cuts if other departments are being asked to find efficiencies – but that is not the issue. The issue is political dishonesty.

Road funding

It’s a common pattern with government budgets that the really nasty bits are strategically leaked to the media beforehand to soften the blow of the…

Ward boundaries

Based on the outcome of last week’s meeting it seems wards are staying – largely on the back of a huge public backlash against abolishing the current system.

Resignations to take toll on Labor

The surprise resignations of two senior Labor ministers and the uncertain future of a number of others has handed Isobel Redmond a golden opportunity in…

Unconvincing win

Isobel Redmond used plenty of catch- phrases to describe her one vote win to keep the position of State Opposition Leader against challenger Martin Hamilton-Smith.

Redmond’s rule

The claims by Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond that she has the full support of her Shadow Ministers and backbenchers in the current leadership turmoil enveloping…