Hydro power

Hillgrove Resource’s concept to turn its Kanmantoo open pit mine into a pumped hydro electricity generator opens up an exciting opportunity for SA and the…

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The Payne barrier

The win of jockey Michelle Payne in last week’s Melbourne Cup was a breath of fresh air. After a perfect race ride in which she…

Jumps racing

Racing Minister Leon Bignell’s increasingly vocal opposition to jumps racing in SA is fast pushing the controversial issue to a head.

An each-way bet

The jumps racing industry is facing another hurdle, this time in the form of opposition from the State Government.

Flying fox threat

Grey-headed flying foxes have flown over from the eastern States and have set up a small colony in the Adelaide Botanic Garden where they roost during the day. At night they feed on fruit grown at Hills orchards. The Apple and Pear Growers Association is not leaving the issue unchallenged.

Crowds down

It is clear to regular racegoers that the crowd at Oakbank’s Easter Racing Carnival on Monday was well down on previous years. While officials say…

Policy on the run

No-one wants to deliberately hurt animals and the vast majority of people would oppose events that do.

Horse deaths

Every year when the Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival rolls around the calls for jumps racing to be banned seem to get a little louder.