Mt Barker

Building up

Fast-forward two decades and imagine Mt Barker’s town centre streets lined with five-storey apartment blocks and offices. It’s a challenging thought that high rise developments…

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Emergency care

Having easily accessible all hours health care is something many of us expect in our community, so it’s not surprising that a 24-hour emergency department heads a wish list of service improvements for Mt Barker district residents.

Betty’s vision is finally realised

The realisation of Mt Barker woman Betty Sickel’s dream for improved facilities for people with disabilities in Mt Barker is a win for some of the region’s most hard done by residents.

Water reform

Mt Barker’s Laratinga Wetland is one of the town’s biggest attractions and most appreciated pieces of public infrastructure. Each day it draws visitors, walkers, cyclists,…

A new town with a new future

Forty years ago Mt Barker was a very different place. There were days when the air across town was anything but pure, with the Jacobs…

Retail boom

A year ago Mt Barker’s retail centres seemed to be struggling with empty shops in the main street as well as the main shopping centre…

A tough choice

With increasing Federal and State Government fees and charges and cuts to entitlements, many ratepayers are set to feel the financial pinch and several had pleaded with the council to minimise the burden it would place on their hip pockets.

Town square plan

The Mt Barker and District Residents’ Association’s proposal for a town square on privately owned land in Mt Barker’s town centre is extremely ambitious. Asking…

Employment hub

A developer’s proposal to build an employment park housing office, commercial, service industry and light industry at Totness fits in well with the area’s existing facilities.

Pageant saved

It was great news to learn that the Government had recognised the importance of the Mt Barker Christmas Pageant and contributed $30,000 towards ensuring its short-term future, and that a temporary home for the floats has subsequently been found.