War on drugs

The arrest of a local man over serious firearm offences and the likely link to a large national drug syndicate is concerning on many levels….

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Shop thieves

There must be few things more disheartening for a small business owner than arriving at their workplace to find windows smashed and merchandise stolen. After…

Inverbrackie reborn

In just a few years the Hills hamlet of Inverbrackie would be unrecognisable from its former role as a detention centre for refugees if a…

Revenue raising or risk reducing?

Fixed speed cameras such as those on the freeway are highly divisive pieces of technology. There are those who quite rightly argue that if motorists…

Home detention

The State Government’s recently introduced  home detention laws appear to be taking some time to bed themselves in – both with the community, the judiciary…

Remembering the women at home

For almost 100 years Australians have paused on November 11 to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who died or suffered in wars. But…

Speed blitz

The annual summer blitz on speeding road users in the Hills has begun. The need for hidden cameras to curb the racetrack mentality of some…

National resolve

As Sydney went into lock down on Monday in the grip of a hostage drama, many of us held our breath and watched.

The fear factor

It is true that an experienced motorcycle rider can safely travel on most Hills roads in excess of the posted speed limit. But the roads are not playgrounds.

True to its roots

Beerenberg is a proud Hills company that not only provides local employment, but also gives back to the community through its heritage conservation charity arm, the Beerenberg Foundation.